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Σχολικές εκδρομές - Κτήμα Αξιού Θέασις

School excursions

Covering a wide range of activities for children, our place combines the beautiful natural environment of the riverside areas of the Axios Potamos, the safe facilities and accessibility for the disabled, as well as the very close distance from Thessaloniki.

In the category of sports activities, there are basketball courts for 3-on-3 matches, beach-volley, beach-soccer, sand games, tennis and 5×5 soccer fields made of natural grass. We currently construct our archery and climbing facilities and a farm with animals. In collaboration with agriculturists, school classes could adopt small fields for planting agricultural products. On your next visit you can see the development of the cultivation and its results. Take a guided tour of Ktima Axiou Theasis vineyard and olive grove with narrative events about them and the riparian biodiversity of the Axios river.

Relaxation is our first concern and Ktima Axiou Theasis is the ideal place for organizing walking tours on the Axios Potamos. Children will have the opportunity to get even closer to nature, gaining authentic experiences and a unique feeling of harmony and relaxation.

With your visit to Ktima Axiou Theasis, you can combine visits to the ancient and the Archaeological Museum of Pella, the palace of Alexander the Great, the historical Military Museum of Gephyra, the ancient burial mound at Agios Athanasios with its unique mosaics and the medieval Cemetery Vogomilon Chalcedon with the huge carved crosses of the 10th and 15th centuries. You can also visit the hydroelectric plant at the Eleousa Dam or be lucky enough to see the wild horses on the large island of Axios Potamos from the Gephyra observatory.

Finally, our kitchen is at your disposal to cover any requested meal needs.

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