In our restaurant you will enjoy excellent quality food, made from fresh ingredients and excellent quality raw material.

The menu of our restaurant has been edited by Chef Ippokratis Tsakiridis, our Kitchen Manager.

Ippokratis Tsakiridis


1. Thessalonikia
Thessaloniki’s stuffed Koulouri, diced tomato, diced cucumber, olives
roulade, feta cream, capers and flavored herb oil

2. Ceasar’s
Iceberg with breaded chicken fillet, corn, parmesan, balsamic cream, Caesar’s dressing

3. Fresh
Baby leaves variety, seasonal fruits, manouri croutons, pumpkin seeds and cool dressing

4. Pearls
Colorful cherry tomatoes with mozzarella pearls, basil pesto and garlic bruschetta


5. Perek
Handmade perek pastry sheet with feta cheese and xinomizitra (sour cheese) filling

6. Perek – various flavors
Handmade perek pastry sheet with various flavors – ask us

7. Country potatoes
Ask if you want regato cheese or grated feta

8. Classic potatoes
Ask if you want regato cheese or grated feta

9. Full extra potatoes
With grated regato cheese

10. Feta
With oregano and olive oil

11. Grilled talagani
With tomato chutney

12. Veggie meatbals
Kolokithokeftedes (pumpkin), Melitzanokeftedes (eggplant), Tomatokeftedes (tomato), Tirokeftedes (cheese)

13. Grilled eggplant
With fresh herbs on a base of carob rusk and garnished with feta cheese, parsley and olive oil

14. Dakos
Kythera type rusks, feta cheese, olives, fresh oregano and olive oil

Meze – Tsipouro appetizers

15. Shrimp saganaki

16. Smoked mackerel

17. Smoked mussels

18. Fish meze
Marinated sea bream, tsiros (type of mackerel), sea pasturmas

19. Mix mezes
Pickles, dips, Florina pepper, olives

20. Seftalia
Cypriot food specialty

Main dishes

21. Grilled Pork Neck Fillets
With roast sauce made from our own wine or with sweet and sour sauce and mixed vegetables, vegetable puree or french fries

22. Σουβλιστό χοιρινό
With freshly baked pitas, homemade tzatziki dip, vegetable puree or french fries

23. Stable steak
In herb marinade and fresh butter, vegetable puree or french fries

24. Chicken skewers in curry sauce
With mushrooms, parmesan cheese, vegetable puree or french fries

25. Skewered chicken leg
With small pitas and mayonnaise-mustard dip

26. Spatchcocked (Butterflied) Roast Chicken
With mustard sauce and lemon (per kg)

27. Butter beef burger
With cream cheese, paprika, pies, vegetable puree or fried potatoes

Vegan menu

28. Green
Green salad with falafel, cherry tomatoes, cucumber and tahini vinaigrette

29. Tuna salad
With chickpeas, nori leaves, lemon, garlic, capers and dill

30. Vegan potato gnocchi
With fresh mushrooms and herbs

31. Mushroom schnitzel
With vegan mayonnaise dip with truffle flavor

Mini food

Club sandwich with brioche bread, ham, cheese, tomato, iceberg, mayonnaise, french fries

Brioche bread with beef burger, iceberg, tomato, ketchup, mustard, french fries

Crispy chicken nuggets, fresh fries and ketchup-mayonnaise dip

Personal pizza with cheese, ham and tomato

Fluffy bread, boiled sausage, tomato, mustard, ketchup and french fries

Fluffy bread, ham, cheese


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