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Παιδικό πάρτι - Κτήμα Αξιού Θέασις

Kids party

Ktima Axiou Theasis is the ideal place to host a children’s party. The unique simplicity offered by the green natural environment and the brand new infrastructure give you the opportunity to decorate a fairy-tale children’s party in every detail.

Children can enjoy carefree play on the large lawn area and on the certified playground with an exerciser to keep children safely occupied.

Depending on the age and interests of your little guests, you can make use of our sports areas for basketball, beach-volley, beach-soccer, archery, tennis and football on 5×5 pitches made of natural grass.

Treat yourself to a unique escape experience for young and old, getting to know the free riding within the Ktima Axiou Theasis and to tour the farm with the horses. You will be able to feed the horses and enjoy a wonderful ride with them.

Another activity that will leave special memories for all the children and make your party unforgettable is to involve them in an imaginative game of exploration. We can organize an estate-wide treasure hunt. A scavenger hunt can include, but is not limited to, puzzles, surprises, games, props related to the party theme, and of course, treasure!

Ktima Axiou Theasis is located on the top of a magnificent hill with a unique view of the Axios River Valley and around the horizon, the incomparable nature-loving scenery is impressively complemented by the Paikos mountain range, Kaimaktsalan (Mount Voras) and the mythical Mount Olympus.

A completely open space area, with direct visual contact to the riverside forests and the islets of the Axios Potamos, where wild horses gather and one of the largest mixed bird colonies in Greece, offers its visitors an incredible sunset, which cannot be missed from the reception of your dreams.

At a very close distance from Thessaloniki, with a spacious parking space, Ktima Axiou Theasis is the ideal location for a comfortable, easy and stress-free arrival.

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